US Senate Committee Report confirms: Foreign Money Is Infused in FAR-LEFT Environmental Movement

From a July 30, 2014 US Senate Report from the Committee on Environment and Public Works Minority Staff Report

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"Therein lies the importance of this report and the reason the Committee is dedicated to unraveling the puzzle presented by the questionable funding tactics of the far-left environmental community. Through a series of case studies, this report exposes the most politically active donors, explains how they use loopholes in the tax law to funnel tax deductible contributions to far-left environmental activist, and details how those activists turn the “investments” into political results. Moreover, the report uncovers the shocking lengths wealthy liberal donors are willing to take to hide their involvement in the scheme. Finally, the report shines a light on the alarming reality that unknown foreign investors are financing the environmental movement, using the shady Sea Change Foundation as cover."

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