Excerpt from Denton Record Chronicle article published September 5, 2014

Denton Chamber: Vote "AGAINST" hydraulic fracturing ban

Recommends members cast ballots against proposition

“The Denton Chamber of Commerce has formally recommended that its employees and members vote against a proposed ban on hydraulic fracturing that will appear on the city’s Nov. 4 general election ballot.

Chamber officials, who represent businesses large and small, cited possible revenue losses for the University of North Texas, the city and the Denton school district. All of them derive tax revenue or receive mineral royalties from gas wells.

The chamber’s board of directors adopted a formal resolution opposing the ban at its regular meeting Aug. 21, and in an accompanying press release said that “challenging state law with a permanent comprehensive ban is not the answer to concerns over the drilling process.”

Instead, the chamber called for “reasonable regulation of local well sites.”

“We don’t disagree that it is an issue, and I understand what it can do to property, but an outright ban is not the answer,” chamber President Chuck Carpenter said by phone Thursday. “We prefer it be dealt with through management of the regulations. Good, sound regulation of any kind of drilling should be in place, but what’s more important is the implementation of those rules and making sure they are enforced fairly.”



Statement opposing Nov 4th Drilling Ban                                                                   Resolution opposing Nov 4th Drilling Ban

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